This year Eyr launched their new service, online psychologists, offering people the possibility to have an online psychology session in their app. A service that soon became relevant, finding ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, where many suddenly experienced isolation and loneliness.

To announce their new service we developed a campaign, launching a “cure” against stomachache, grey hair and wrinkles. The campaign alludes to some of the stereotypical messages surrounding the beauty industry, “buy this mascara and all of your problems will be solved”. We wanted to communicate that there are no short cuts when it comes to mental health, but there are some great psychologists out there that can help you.

During the pandemic, many have turned to daily walks to get fresh air and clear their head. To reach the people in Oslo needing a break the campaign was rolled out on adshels all over town, as well as social media and online news to cover the rest of the country.

Outdoor print 
Social media 
Photography: Hinda Fahre